Listening to Your Intuition: Why I Skipped Buring Man This Year

The Burning Man

My boyfriend and I already had a vehicle pass for our camper van (that’s right, we have a camper van) and one ticket. 

We were waiting to find one more ticket for me. We were only a week and a half out to Burning Man and we still couldn’t find another ticket. 

I started to feel anxious about whether we would get to go or not. 

On top of that, I wasn’t in the headspace to do it right. I had zero outfits ready, no time to hand wrap an epic furry bike for the playa (see above, circa 2016). 

It all felt like it was coming too fast!

I had also been in the middle of making some big business decisions and I couldn’t imagine leaving in the middle of this pivotal time to run off to the desert without intention and preparation. I felt like I was trying to force it.

I called D and told him I didn’t want to go. 

He was bummed.

I explained why. I felt like I was forcing it.

He understood.

2 hours later, he texted me saying that our RV wouldn’t start and couldn’t even get a mechanic to see it until Monday, the day we would’ve already been on the road to Burning Man. Isn’t that crazy? 

You gotta listen to your gut. You gotta follow your intuition.

You gotta do the thing that feels good

I’m making some big changes to my business this fall and that is what excites me more than anything right now. 

I’m doing a whole thing.

It’s the biggest investment I’ve made in a while and I can’t wait to tell you more. 

What feels good to you right now?

Do that.

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