where do you draw the line?

One simple change that can take your life from anxiety, guilt, and frustration to breakthrough. Boundaries.

So first things first: what are boundaries? This is always the way that I teach. It is the easiest way to remember. Boundaries are simply stating what’s ok and what’s not.

It’s where you draw the line. When we say things such as “That was all right. But that’s not all right. This is where I draw the line.”, we are allowing ourselves to become a priority.

That is what a boundary is, and that is what it means to set a boundary.

No matter what your goals are, whether you’re trying to lose weight, whether you’re trying to advance in your career, whether you’re trying to be in a healthy relationship, and so forth.

We have to understand that boundaries are something that we have to master. It takes practice and is something that we have to implement.

I like to simplify things so that we remember them and so that we can implement as soon as possible. So think of boundaries as drawing the line. Where do you draw the line?

I would like to challenge you: Before you go into your weekend- think about boundaries that you can start implementing TODAY.

Will it be holding yourselves to specific work hours? Only eating foods that fuel your body? Not allowing friends to speak over you?

You decide! I’d love to hear from you and know what boundaries you will be implementing.  Shoot me a message and let me know!