What Is Self Care And Why Is It Important

What Is Self Care And Why Is It Important

My acupuncturist says that we don’t “catch” the flu, but rather, we get sick when we didn’t take care of ourselves the PREVIOUS season. She says if we do not take good care during the previous season, and then do something to trigger and compromise the immune system in the current season – that is what makes us susceptible to getting sick when others are sick as well.

Basically, this tells me that we have to consider self-care year-round and focus on PREVENTION, rather than “damage control” – which is more like a response to break down. Of course, our bodies are not perfect and sometimes good flu is exactly when we need to get our shit back in alignment. 

Ideally, we would prevent all that – just like we prevent injury by warming up and prevent excess spending by meal prepping.

As we know stress is the #1 illness maker. 

Here are some things that trigger your immune system:

  • hanging out with draining people (accumulation of stress)
  • negative thinking (accumulation of stress)
  • not enough sleep (accumulation of stress)
  • not enough nutrition (accumulation of stress)
  • not enough exercise (accumulation of stress)
  • too much exercise (accumulation of stress)
  • too much toxicity in your body (accumulation of stress)
  • doing too much (accumulation of stress)

 Self Care examples include:

    • Slow down, do less, listen to your body, stay home, invite people over instead of going out, take the easier road, sleep early, eat your own food, shut off your phone, and most importantly — pay attention.
  • C  R  E  A  T  E   S  P  A  C   E
    • Declutter and get rid of things you longer use.
    • Meditate and take time to focus on your breathing.

How and where are you accumulating stress in your life? How can you create space this week to take care of yourself? How can you shift your lifestyle towards prevention rather than damage control?

If you are feeling a little under the weather, here are a couple of my go-to’s for nipping illness in the bud and speeding back up to health. 

  • Umcka – homeopathic and tastes pretty good! 
  • Echinacea, Goldenseal, Propolis spray – tastes terrible but it works!
  • Lemons, fresh ginger, and honey. Sip all-day
  • Eat proper meals, lots of greens and veggies. 
  • s l e e p – Simply rest. The body knows what to do and how to heal. 

Self care is your divine responsibility. In order to be on top of our game and be able to help others – we must first take responsibility for ourselves.

Read more, to find out how to stop self-sabotaging.

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