Waking up to your higher consciousness

What is a Spiritual Awakening?

Spiritual awakening is nothing more than a call to higher consciousness. A spiritual awakening is simply waking up to life. You’re coming into a deeper awareness of yourself.

You’re following the call to higher consciousness and inner transformation. A spiritual awakening is the soul’s cry for help, love and freedom. It is the process of shifting your mindset, your belief system and the way you think. It’s the ability to zoom out and see things as they are without attachment, ego or story.

Spiritual awakenings can be the most challenging, confusing, isolating and beautiful time of your life, and this is why having a guide, a process and a community is so important.



What Happens When You Don’t Wake Up?

If you do not do the work, if you run away, if you don’t stay and if you don’t go through the process of waking up and if you decide to continue to sleep, this is what happens.

Your life feels meaningless, like you’re sleepwalking and sheep walking. You never fully express your true, authentic self. We go through life mindlessly checking off the boxes and achievements in an attempt to find happiness, we feel empty, lost and continue living without meaning or purpose.

We repeat the same patterns in relationships, work, personal life and so forth.


Why You Resist Waking Up

Because it’s hard to look at yourself in the mirror. Life is so much easier when you don’t have to take radical responsibility.

Your soul is like “Come on! let’s do it. We got this!” and your ego is like “No, it’s comfortable here. Why do you want me to take responsibility? Let’s live in the story. The story got us here. We did that shit. How do you think we got through med school? How do you think we got to this job? How do you think we survived? How do you think we got $100,000 in the bank? By just grinding and staying in our story, by proving everyone wrong? Why are you gonna make me give that up now? That doesn’t sound safe.” 

Stepping into a new identity and version of yourself brings up a lot of fear. 

“Who am I without my old self?”

“Who am I without my old identity? What if people don’t like the new me? What if all of my friends don’t like who I become?” 

If they do reject you, now you know that maybe those relationships were part of the reason why you were miserable in the first place.


Signs You’re Waking Up

You crave meaning and purpose. When you start craving meaning and purpose, that doesn’t mean you’re lost. It means that you’re waking up.

You begin asking yourself questions, you feel confused and overwhelmed because your paradigms are shifting, you feel the urge to purge. 

You realize that you’ve learned a lot of beliefs that don’t serve you.

You feel alone, isolated and lost a lot. Then you all of a sudden want to be alone. As you get deeper into your process, you want to be alone, you like the quiet and you want to be a hermit.

You experience synchronization often and you see magic everywhere, you become more sensitive to drama and the triangle. You become aware of your old habits and negative thoughts.

You see how unhappy everyone is and you start noticing the gap of growth.


What Happens As You Get More Woke?

You get connected to your highest self, your soul and your heart center. You become more compassionate with yourself and others.

You experience genuine and lasting friendships, relationships and love. You feel more and more at peace with where you are in life, even if you haven’t figured it all out. You come into more trust and know that everything is happening for you.

You naturally feel more appreciative of life and you’re able to see the beauty in everything. You stop being petty, judgmental and resentful towards others.

You feel a sense of belonging in the world because you let love in more freely. Lastly, you see abundance everywhere and feel excited for your future.