Virtual Vision Board Workshop


What is a Vision Board?

A vision board is a physical and visual expression
of what you want to bring into your life.

It is a reminder of what you desire and how it makes you feel.

It’s a conduit for bringing in magic that is in
alignment with all the things you want.

Use your vision board when you feel discouraged or
need to remember what’s most important to you and why.

Use it when you want to be reminded of your core desired feelings
because that is the key to manifesting what you truly want.

In this workshop, you will: 


  1. Understand what a vision board is and why it works

  2. Take inventory of what has already passed


  3. Get grounded so you can get clear on what you want to bring in next


  4. Get clarity on what you want next

  5. Identify the feelings that are associated with what you want


  6. Understand the deeper meaning behind what you want and WHY


  7. Understand what it means to manifest from the heart and not your ego


  8. Know how to choose the images and words to maximize your results


  9. Understand what it takes to trust the process
    and let go of attachment to outcome

Through my course, you’ll learn how to manifest from the heart and not the ego which will lead to more meaningful and soulful results.

What’s it Like Working With Me?

I have attended four vision boarding workshops with Lillian, and I honestly can’t imagine starting a new year without one. Lillian’s workshops are in-depth, thoughtful, and fun. I always leave the workshop excited for the intentions I set for the year ahead, and with a beautiful board that I’m proud to show my friends.


I have manifested almost everything on my 2019 visionboard in some form. It gives me a visual that reminds me what I’m capable of achieving and serves as a reminder of what I’ve set out to achieve and bring into my life. 

I wouldn’t have known where to even start if I did my own. It would’ve just been an arts and crafts project. It’s very beneficial to have Lillian lead a meditation before we start and have guidance from someone who knows the true value and purpose behind a vision board.


The biggest benefit to creating a board with Lillian versus doing it on my own are the intentions and meditations we go through to get grounded before we ever cut any image. It’d be an easy cop out to merely start cutting out pictures of cool stuff I wanted but the result would be very superficial. To truly get grounded and delve into my deeper emotional desires helps to guide me in significant ways as I create my board. The end result is something much more meaningful and serves a much longer-term purpose.


I like to think I’m an experienced goal-setter, but I was surprised how much more impactful and clear the experience can be with guidance from a coach. I know the power of visualization, but this was actually the first year that having a vision board was more than just nice photos I cut out.

Every time I looked at my vision board this past year, I was reminded of how I felt when I really believed in myself, the hope and drive that I embodied as I glued it to the board. I could only have accessed that deeper level of my determination with the support of this multi-faceted approach. When I see my vision board, I’m reminded of how I feel with the vision of my best self in mind. 


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