The Law of Attraction: Why You Mad Tho?

Law of Attraction.

Anger is poison in the body, mind, and heart.

Grief, hatred, resentment, fear, jealousy… these are all bad for our health and can manifest into a plethora of issues. 

Some examples of how anger can manifest in the physical body include heartburn, digestive issues, eczema, chronic inflammation, pain, and dare I say it, even cancer. 

Anger also blocks the flow of abundance and joy from our lives. 

When we remain joyful, our whole life is a celebration. The Universe draws to you what you are feeling and being. 

Think and feel angry thoughts, the Law of Attraction (or Law of Cause & Effect) brings you more things to be angry about. 

Think and feel joyful thoughts, the Law of Attraction brings in more joy. 

When you plant cherry seeds, a cherry tree grows, and you sow cherries. 

When you plant corn seeds, corn grows, and you sow corn. It’s quite simple. This is Law of Attraction and how it works.

I have been thinking a lot about anger — our relationship and history with it, how our parents expressed anger, how they set the example around how to deal with anger, and more. 

Grab your journal:

  1. What makes you angry?
  2. Who makes you angry?
  3. Who/what are you still angry with from your past?
  4. What triggers you on the regular, on the daily?
  5. How do you react or respond when you get angry?
  6. When did your parents get angry with you?
  7. How did your parents express their anger towards you?
  8. How did you respond to their anger with you?
  9. What would you like to be released from your body and psyche?
  10. What are some action steps you can take TODAY to break the cycle?

I know that letting go of lingering resentments are the key to bringing more abundance and joy into my life. 

I start every morning with a meditation where I release all anger and resentment towards others and myself – before I even get out of bed. 

I end every evening laying down to sleep, and imagine a golden light washing over me. I release all anger and resentment I may have felt throughout the day and send all energy that is not mine back to where it belongs. 

I fall asleep as I call my power back to me and let go of the day.

Sometimes I pray, repeat mantras, or simply breathe in feelings of love.

Because I am a very physical and action-oriented person, I also make sure I get all the grumbles out of my body through other forms of self-expression such as dancing, journaling, having necessary conversations, communicating my feelings and needs, working out, and practicing all the ways of self-care (bc self-love). 

This includes cooking my own meals, daily skincare, seeing healers, and reaching out to people to hold space for me while I rant and rave that kimchee fire out of my system… I got a lot of it, lol 🙂

What about you? 

What are you still mad about? 

Are you ready to let go? What are you going to do about it?

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