The Best Part About My Trip To Korea

My Trip To Korea

Yup, it’s everything everyone said it would be. 

I am safely back in the States and I am already daydreaming about when I can go back. This may be one of my favorite trips I’ve taken to date. “Trip To Korea”

I truly ate everything, went everywhere, and could not keep up with all the stimulation around me 24/7. 

To be honest, I am expecting a crash here shortly because I was ON the whole time. 

I had so much fun and felt extremely comfortable running around Seoul and Busan for two weeks. 

I was amazed at how much Koreans LOVE to eat and drink. 

Everywhere I looked, people were smashing their plates clean and on their way to the 2nd or 3rd round of drinking on a weeknight (at 10 pm), lol. 

Public transportation was so easy to navigate with subway stations running full-blown underground shopping malls with clean public restrooms!

I finally got to visit my grandfather’s orphanage and meet several of the children. There are currently about 70 children at the orphanage including two 3-month-old babies who arrived at 2 weeks old. 

It was incredibly inspiring to listen to him talk about his journey and the work they do, as he smiled ear to ear while showing me around the campus. 

He is a literal angel and yes, that is definitely Jesus photobombing in the background, LOL.

It is really hard to think of a favorite thing, experience, or moment during this trip. 

Every day, I literally had coffee or a meal that was more delicious than the day before. 

Every neighborhood stimulated my senses to the core, and I had meaningful connections with strangers on a daily basis – including taxi drivers and the stereotypical grumpy older men (ahjushis). 

With that said, there is one thing that continues to stand out to me as a highlight of my trip. 

Without fail, every single time I told someone I was visiting Korea for the first time, they were in disbelief because I spoke the language so well. 

Many of them asked where I was born and where I learned to speak Korean, lol. They all complimented me on my accent and fluency. 

They were shocked and extremely welcoming because I spoke the(ir) language. 

Their excitement made me feel excited too. I felt welcome and we mutually felt understood.

The best part about my trip to Korea was that I was able to communicate with everyone; I spoke the language and it was the gateway to feeling connected with ease.

I felt a sense of belonging and pride. I felt seen and accepted. I felt loved.

This made me realize how important communication and “speaking the same language” is – in all ways, shapes, and forms. Each and every one of us longs for connection. 

We all want to feel seen and heard. We all want to be understood and accepted. 

Communication is key. 

How strong is your communication game? What is your “language”? 

Do you have people in your life that speak your language? Do you feel seen and heard? 

Are you a good listener? Where and how do you want to improve your communication? 

How would it transform the quality of your life?

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