Survival Mentality

What is survival mentality?

Let’s start with the basics.

Survival mentality is focused on the basics— Having enough money to pay the bills, having a roof over our head, being able to put food on the table.

Our parents had strong survival instincts and did whatever it took to raise their families in a brand new country.

The part that gets tricky is when a person only sees surviving as the most important thing in life. When we move through the world with this mentality, surviving is the only thing we find valuable.

Forget about all those other things… “you don’t need it” is a common phrase you may have heard your parents say while growing up.

This mentality is super limiting and doesn’t leave a lot of room for other very very important things like self-expression, creativity, meaningful connection and HAPPINESS.

This is why so many of us are in unfulfilling jobs. This is why depression, anxiety, and self-doubt keeps us from trying things outside of the box.

Between mental health stigma and survival mentality, there’s a slim chance you may be willing to seek help, let alone spend the money on it.

I want to help you break out of your survival mentality and teach you another way to look at money, abundance, and what is valuable.

I’m teaching a live virtual workshop on Saturday, February 15th at 9am PST. — Intro to Money Mindset for Asian Americans

I will teach you what we have learned from our parents, why it isn’t working, and how you to tune into abundance.

It is a live training. This is not a pre-recorded class and I will answer your questions in real-time.

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