Stop Self-Sabotaging by Keeping Your Shadow in Front.

Have you been repeatedly self-sabotaging? Might be your shadow seld.

So, what is our shadow? 

Part of what our shadow is includes the “dark side” of our psyche and behaviors.

They show up in the form of addictions, escapism, our tendency to run away, and how we avoid doing the work.

I often ask my students/clients to courageously look deeply into their shadows so that they can stop self-sabotaging in its tracks. 

It is so important to keep our shadow in front so it does not take us down from behind.

Most of the time we fall off from the path of doing the work and don’t even realize it.

Whether it is sticking to a workout regimen, setting boundaries at work, or learning how to communicate better with our partners – we must be aware of our tendency to fall back on our shadow. 

How To Tell If You Are Self-Sabotaging

  • What kind of addictions are you struggling with right now?  
    • Example: social media, sex, work, toxic relationships, food, shopping, booze
  • What are you currently avoiding doing the workaround?
    • Example: losing weight, healthy relationships, career satisfaction, chasing dreams
  • Do you run away? What have you run away from in the past?
  • What do you usually avoid dealing with?
    • Example: conflict, parents, finances, health?
  • What would you like to face head-on?
  • How can you create some simple action steps around this?

When buffalo (yes, the animal) sense a storm coming, they actually charge towards the storm rather than away from it.

 This actually minimizes the amount of pain, time and frustration they experience from that storm. 

They understand the importance of facing the shit head-on because it’s going to come for you anyway!

Cows, on the other hand, try to run away from the storm… and they are not very fast, lol. They don’t end up outrunning the storm. 

As a matter of fact, they end up running along with the storm, which actually maximizes the amount of pain, time, and frustration they experience from the storm!

How often do we make like a cow and not like a buffalo?

We know we have to take care of our debts but we try to figure out ways to put off paying bills. 

We know we have to make more money but we keep putting off asking for that raise or leaving the miserable job.

We know we are in a toxic relationship but we just get faded every weekend instead of revamping our self worth and social life. The list goes on and on and on…..

Keep your shadow in front. Go towards the storm. Be happy.

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