Want To Be Happier? Set Healthy Boundaries

Set Healthy Boundaries

Ideally, we are surrounded by people who value and appreciate us, hold us accountable and push us to grow together. However, sometimes, there are moments when we experience difficulty with partners, friends, and family members. 

It is in those moments we need to have established healthy boundaries and whenever necessary to speak up so we stay true to ourselves and prevent unnecessary suffering for both parties. 

We need to set non-negotiables. Block out time for self-care. Communicate clearly with the people we care about. 

Do you set boundaries?

Maintaining healthy boundaries is the key to having healthy relationships, personal space, and drama-free living. Setting boundaries is quite simple as it all boils down to this:

Healthy boundaries state what is okay and what is not okay.

Where are things not okay right now in your life? Who is treating you in a way that is not okay with you right now and how? What are some lifestyle behaviors that are not okay and in alignment with your life? What is okay with you?

Write it out, speak up, set your boundaries. You and everyone else in your life will be so much happier when you do, I promise 🙂

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