Replaying conversations in your head.

Hesitating to say how you really feel about it.

Overthinking your answers to the point you don’t say anything.

Acting like it’s all cool, but actually you’re stuck in your head.

This is what happens when self-doubt takes over.

It’s crippling as shit.

Self-doubt comes from that inner voice that won’t shut up about all the things that could go wrong.

That inner voice is learned. It’s conditioned and programmed in us from the time we’re young.

The way our parents talked to us becomes our inner voice — through adulthood and beyond.

Yeah, that was pretty awakening for me, too.

If we don’t actively uncover what I like to call, the “origin story” behind our self-doubt, our minds will run wild with that old programming.

That old programming is how we lose ourselves… over time it gets worse.

We gotta get woke to this and put an end to self-doubt.

So we can do the thing that really makes us happy.

So we can be who we’re truly supposed to be.

So we can feel free and live a life that feels beautiful and meaningful to us.

I know you want that goodness.


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