reshaping your self-talk narrative

What do you think would happen if I sat next to you all day telling you that you had to go to the bathroom? Likely, it would be at the forefront of your mind and you’d convince yourself that you did indeed need to go to the bathroom. Right?


This is just a little glimpse into the power of our words.


I once had a friend that anytime someone asked her how her day was (sometimes even when no one asked) she told them that she was having the best day ever. Every day. Even if her day was crappy! She had mastered the concept of reinforcing positive self-talk.


What we believe, hear in our heads, say to ourselves, and say out loud is what feeds our energy and the energy surrounding us.


If you think it’s going to be a shitty day, it most likely will be. If we have in our heads that we’re not worthy of love, are unmotivated, don’t want to be here- well that energy continues to circulate within and around us. My friend was able to control the energy around her by proclaiming “This is the best day ever”. You convince yourself and the world around you will follow suit.


So what is going to be your positive self-talk track today?


I encourage you to put it into your mind right now and set your intention for today.


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