Do you struggle with Asian American baggage?

Dear Asian Americans…

Did you grow up with immigrant parents like me? I see you, and I understand you.

We got some baggage and it’s a real thing.

Never feeling good enough, overworking and overachieving, perfectionism, holding in our feelings, family secrets….
No one ever talks about anything!
Shame runs through our bones.
Mental health stigma runs deep.

The list goes on…

You may have learned and internalized some beliefs that can lead to behaviors like —

People pleasing.
Fear of speaking up.
Doing what’s “safe”.

Does this resonate with you?

If you continue to avoid confronting and exploring your story, the unconscious narratives will replay self-sabotaging patterns in your life.

Basically, you can continue to stay stuck.

Or, you can do something about it.

You can break the cycle.

So you can stop holding yourself back.

So you can step into your voice, creativity, confidence, and purpose.

I am offering programs throughout the year specifically for our Asian American community.

Money mindset training, group coaching x healing programs, VIP deep dives, and more.

Please apply today if you want to learn more about my programs!

You can also stalk me on my social channels to see more content made for Asian Americans.

Hope to hear from you soon!