Asian Americans got money baggage and it’s sad. This is why.

My group coaching x healing program for Asian Americans has already been one of the most beautiful programs I have been a part of.

The vibe is on point and folks are showing up.

Launching this program taught me a lot…

Asian Americans got money baggage and it’s sad.

This is why.
This fear and worry around money come from what I like to call “immigrant mentality” or “survival mentality”.

This shit runs deep and shows up in all kinds of self-sabotaging ways.

It breaks my heart to see how much scarcity mentality is holding us back.

We need to do some real work on this so you can start spending and making money like it ain’t a problem.

Abundance is your birthright!!

Let me teach youuu. 

I’m offering an Intro to Money Mindset for Asian Americans *live* training.

You and your folks neeeed this.

The first one(s) will be on Saturday, February 15th.

I’ll teach you what we learned from our parents, why it isn’t working, and how to tune into abundance.

You’ll be able to ask questions in real-time and get the same training my private clients and group coaching members get.

These will be on Zoom video so anyone in the world can sign up.

There will also be VIP deep-dive sessions for folks who take the intro training and want more.

I made this for you. I made it affordable.

Take the first step and let the Universe know you are ready to tune into the abundance that is waiting for you.