Money Baggage.

Asian Americans’ Money Baggage.

I’ve learned that Asian Americans got hella money baggage.

I believe a lot of this comes from what I like to call “immigrant-survival mentality”. 

It’s scarcity mentality but on a whole ‘nother level bc of the baggage that comes from starting all over in a new country, new language, new everything.

This runs deep and shows up in ways you may not even realize is holding you back.

Money baggage, which stems from “immigrant-survival mentality” leads to playing it safe, staying stuck, feeling anxious, and thinking small. 

I’ve seen how this way of thinking stifles true happiness and confidence in people.

Abundance is your birthright. Money is energy, and there is always more where that came from. I want to teach you how.

We have to start by deciding that abundance and prosperity is available to us whenever we are ready.  

Start by listening to my meditation every single day. It’s less than 7 minutes long and worth every minute.

These are my personal mantras, specially made for Asian Americans. It works. Try it 🙂

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