Become A Manifestation Powerhouse by Getting Grounded

Get Grounded to Manifest Powerhouse

Being grounded is key to manifesting. Whether you are manifesting more money, a new job, or relationship into your life – we must be grounded to bring it into our lives. 

The energies cannot put the things we want into our laps if we are running around spread thin and un-grounded all the time, ya feel?  

Answer These 7 Questions To Feel More Grounded:

  1. How do you define being grounded?
  2. How do you know when you are grounded?
  3. When’s the last time you felt really grounded?
  4. Do you feel grounded right now, in general, in your life?
  5. What do you want to build in your life right now?
  6. What do you do now to get grounded?
  7. How can you get and feel grounded every day?

There are so many ways to get grounded. 

Get in your body, cook a meal for yourself, sit down and read a book, or go for a long walk this weekend while catching up with someone who knows you very well. 

Turn on your senses, get some flowers in the house, and listen to your favorite album while stretching it out on the floor.


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