Maintaining Healthy Relationships

Want to know the key to maintaining healthy relationships? It starts with you.

I’m back in SF after another week in paradise for my annual retreat. Needless to say, it was another magical year of sweat, tears, laughter, sun, and even rain.

We started every morning with a nice, long meditation at 645am, worked out twice a day, shared our “stuff”, relaxed in the sun, pulled tarot cards, ate a bunch of tacos, and polished off a bottle of tequila as soon as the retreat was over 🙂 

Our group was a beautiful range of women from 26 to 74 years old with all kinds of stories and experience in between. No matter what our background or current place in life, we all shared how we want to feel deeply connected and experience meaningful (and healthy) relationships. 

Maintaining Healthy Relationships

I can sum up our retreat by sharing this: Healthy relationships start with YOU.

The key to maintaining healthy relationships is a healthy you. We start by being in touch with our feelings and needs. We must clear through our bullshit, get over our fears, release our insecurities, and know what we want. 

Healthy relationships are simply a side effect of doing this work. It sounds pretty straightforward and easy to do, but it literally takes daily practice. The retreat is the perfect reset button or jump-off for us. The real magic happens when you show up daily and put in the work.

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