Immigrant Mentality

Immigrant Mentality VS Survival Mentality

Someone asked me the other day, “what’s the difference between immigrant mentality and survival mentality?

I see them as very similar.

Survival mentality is literally rooted in that — survival.

“Do whatever it takes to survive.”

“Do whatever it takes to make money, to have money, to have food on the table, to make sure that we make it.”

That’s survival mentality. It’s all about survival.

I would say that the immigrant mentality has a survival mentality inside of it.

Immigrant mentality comes with a survival mentality.

The thing that’s a little bit different with immigrant mentality…

It comes with an extra layer of coming from another country and starting all over.

Immigrant mentality says — fit in, fly under the radar… And also achieve, make a name for yourself, so you can belong!! 

It’s very complex.

“Don’t ruffle any feathers.”

“Be a good student.”

“Make sure you get that good job so everyone back home knows we made it.”

The pressure…

Not only do we need to survive, but we gotta fit in, fly under the radar, and belong… all at the same time.

No wonder we often feel so stuck, anxious, and afraid to take a chance on ourselves.

You can set yourself free from this pressure. 

Let’s start with a baby step.

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