I Got Her Pregnant

I Got Her Pregnant

You can’t get pregnant on her own.”

“You’re gonna need donor eggs.”

“It isn’t possible for you.”

This is the stuff the docs told Nicole for an entire year after a miscarriage.

Nicole hit bottom pretty hard after that year.

Her depression got worse and was officially in a crisis.

It was around this time that she reached out to me to start working 1:1.

She knew that she needed to do something as she felt like shit for too long with no end in sight.

We slowly unpacked things that seemed to have nothing to do with pregnancy at all. 

Within 2 months, she noticed a positive change in her energy and attitude.

She felt less anxious, started to love herself again, and was happy with her life as it was.

2 months after that, a career change fell into her lap and it came with a 20k increase in her salary.

2 months after that, she got pregnant — without a single medical intervention.

Nine months later, she gave birth to a healthy baby boy. 

Today, we call him our magic baby. This way I got her pregnant.

Nicole is no different than you and she defied all the odds.

She had her baby at 38 years old, after coming up on a 20k salary increase she didn’t even know she needed 🙂

Anything is possible if you’re willing to show up and do the work. 

Amazing things are possible for you, too,

Lemme show you.

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