How to take radical responsibility

What Is Radical Responsibility?

Radical responsibility is embracing full ownership over your actions, your thoughts, and your outcomes. It is taking 100% ownership of each and every circumstance, day in and day out. It is stepping out of the blame-shame paradigm altogether. Nobody is after you; nobody is to blame or shame. Not yourself or anyone else. That paradigm doesn’t even exist. You step out of it altogether. Radical responsibility is a radically liberating way to look at the fate of your life and success. It’s the most freeing thing you can do. It’s the ultimate boss shit.

Signs and Symptoms That You Resist Radical Responsibility?

  • Drama trauma – being butt hurt for too long
  • People “make you” upset, angry, sad, and irritated
  • Excessive bitching and complaining
  • Gossip and talking shit behind people’s back
  • Avoidance, shutting down, and hiding
  • Sulking, licking your wounds, feeling sorry for yourself
  • Venting, dumping, and thirst trapping for attention
  • Withholding affection, acknowledgment, credit, praise, or recognition

Why You Need To Take Radical Responsibility

When triggered, your following right action and primary job is to self-regulate and not make a situation worse. Notice your feelings of frustration, annoyance, and resentment. It is at this exact moment that you have the opportunity to take radical responsibility. You must make a conscious and intentional decision to not escalate a situation in your head and act on it. It’s on you. No one is responsible for making you lose your shit. This is where discipline and self-regulation come in. You already know that If you do not resist the urge to react, there’s only one way that it’s going to play out. You’ll project a previous experience of danger and threat to the present moment if you do not consciously accept the moment for what it is. This is why we must take radical responsibility. It’s the only way out.

How To Be Radically Responsible

Radical responsibility is saying; it didn’t happen to me. It happened because of what I did or didn’t do. It happened for me so that I can make things better and improve for next time. Radical responsibility is different from self-loathing, guilt, and blame because you are owning it with absolute confidence. It’s taking credit when you win and taking credit when you lose, and doing the work to heal and release your resentments. Let go of expectations and how people should be. Know that you always have a choice, and that is your power. See everything as an opportunity, practice gratitude, and see the beauty in each challenge. 

Know that success and victim mentality identity do not go together. Know that the most successful people assume all control, and there is no overlap. Success doesn’t happen to you. No matter how much you think, “I got lucky.” Nope. It happens because of you.