how to slow down productivity

Okay- but really. You’ve got to STOP doing this to yourself. It is hurting your productivity. When we are constantly in a state of overthinking and it goes unchecked for a long time we make things harder on ourselves.

A lot of times, if we have a problem, something happens, or we’re worried, we say to ourselves “Oh, if I just think about it more I’ll gain clarity”.  Does that sound familiar?

We think the answer will magically come with thinking time and just that’s not true. It’s actually the opposite.

Overthinking does not expedite the process. It actually slows it down. Overthinking is the ultimate cock block for creativity and joy.

Whether it’s finding a solution, starting a creative project, or even gaining clarity, it actually slows the process down.

What happens when we overthink? Analysis paralysis.

You’ve probably heard this before. We’re sitting here. We’re trying to analyze the situation. We’re trying to figure out what the best thing to do is, and we don’t actually move the needle at all. We find ourselves stuck and in the same place and not moving the needle forward.

I say it all the time- GET INTO YOUR BODY!

That can look different for each person. For some it’s meditating, yoga, breathwork. For others it’s going for a walk, stretching, dancing. However, you like to get into your body- DO IT. 

This will help decrease the tendency to overthink and create mindfulness in the body. So go get that tush movin’!


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