How to Manifest Your Dreams, “Dreams Do Come True”

How to manifest your dream life.

“Go confidently in the direction of your dreams! Live the life you’ve imagined….” – Henry David Thoreau

What are your dreams? 

Seriously! If you could live your dream life, what would it look like? How would you spend your days, who would you spend it with, and most importantly, how would it feel? 

Something I always teach is that life is your design. 

You are capable of manifesting your dream life

Now, of course, dreams don’t work unless you do, and I am here to teach you a few simple steps to manifesting immediately.  

How to manifest your dreams into reality

  1. Write out all your dreams. Make a list. Don’t hold yourself back.
  2. Write the FEELING you would experience with each dream.
  3. Narrow the list down to 2-3 core desired feelings.
  4. Create daily, realistic action steps to elicit these core desired feelings.
  5. Watch your dreams manifest in ways you didn’t expect. 

For example, one of my dreams is to own a big house in California where I can move my parents in and help take care of them. 

Rather than focusing on how I’m going to make this money, where I’m going to find this house, and wondering if my parents would even leave Chicago, I focus on how it would make me FEEL if this dream came true. 

I would feel generous, compassionate, and full of love.

I align my daily actions with my core desired feelings TODAY and every day. 

I trust the process and BELIEVE in my dreams. 

When fears or doubts come up, I go back to the beginning by focusing on the way I want to feel and the actions that will support the feelings. 

I try to be generous with my parents NOW with what I have.

I help them pay their bills and express gratitude for the funds I have today.

I practice compassion with my students and clients daily. I teach about love and try to set that example in the way I show up in the world. 

I give, spend, and support freely (within my boundaries) and always trust there is more where that came from. 

I watch my business grow every year, opportunities fall into my lap, the right people always find me, and I know that I am going in the direction of my dreams. 

I don’t worry about that big house because I know it will manifest in some way, somehow.

Spiritual law teaches me there is no other option. 

The Universe knows what I desire and as long as I show up and do the work, all is coming. 

So, are you willing to go confidently in the direction of your dreams and ask yourself how to manifest your dreams? 

Life is truly your design, start living your dream today because if you can dream it and believe in it, you can manifest it.

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