How to find True Love

What is True Love?

Simply put, true love is pure love and acceptance. The function of love is to unify us versus tear us apart. It is the highest vibration we operate from. True love is compassionate, unconditional, and nonjudgmental. It’s kind, and it’s honest. When we are in this essence of true love, it doesn’t hurt. When we are in the true love there are no stories, no attachments, no expectations, and no strings attached.


Love Starts Within You

When we think love comes from something outside of us, that is when we suffer. That doesn’t mean that you can’t want love. Desiring love is natural. When we believe that love has to come from something outside of ourselves and only then will we feel complete, that will lead to never ending suffering. I think, intellectually, we all understand that, but we don’t realize that it’s happening. It can actually end up being a blind spot, and I see that a lot. So catch yourself and ask:
“Do I really think that this love needs to come in this way?”
“Is this the only way that I can feel that love?”
You need to be able to fill your own cup first, and everything else is a bonus.

You Don’t Run Out of Love

Giving yourself love only produces more love for others. It doesn’t deplete it. When you give yourself love, it actually creates more love to give; it doesn’t take it away. That’s not how it works. You don’t have a finite amount of love. As a matter of fact, the more you pour into yourself, the more you’re actually able to give to others. 

Self-care is not selfish; it’s paramount. It’s everything. Give yourself love because it actually only produces and only increases your ability to give it to others. How can you give love to other people if you don’t have it for yourself? You don’t run out of love, so stop hoarding it or thinking that you won’t have enough. Give to yourself, give it away to others. Be generous with it because you don’t run out of it, and as a matter of fact, it only pulls more into you.

Fear is the Opposite of Love

The reason why we reject and deflect love is because of fear. The opposite of love is not hate; it’s fear. Fear is actually the lowest vibration. It’s not hate, it’s not anger, and It’s not resentment, it’s fear. If love is the highest vibration that brings in connection, abundance, joy, ease, and unicorns and rainbows, fear is the lowest vibration. Fear is what keeps us stuck and in the victim mentality. It’s what keeps us in pain and suffering. Fear keeps us stuck in otherness, judgment, comparison mode, and all of these other dark vibrations that don’t take us to the next level. We can’t elevate from this place. Anything that pulls you out of the highest vibration is fear.

How Can You Truly Love?

Fully accept yourself and others without attachment to stories and expectations. What are your stories? What are your expectations? Your stories are your limiting beliefs. Your stories are your drama traumas, baggage, expectations, or rules.
“Well, I should be ____”
“And I always do this and I never ____”
“I’m like this.”
“It never works out this way.”
These are your expectations. Accept yourself without any of those stories or those expectations. In this same way, accept others without your projections, old baggage, traumas, or expectations. This is what cuts us off from the love. Fully accept yourself and others without attachment to an outcome.