Developing Self Love: If It Feels Like You’re Forcing Something, You Probably Are.

What is Self Love?

This is something I often say during a personal training session or SOfit workout class, while I am teaching a lesson in “circle time”, or talking about life choices in general.

As I sat down to write an email to my subscribers this week, I realized I didn’t have anything pressing to say or share. I found myself *trying* to think of a lesson from our SOfit circle times to write about or share a previously recorded video. 

I felt like I was forcing it, and authenticity is everything to me. 

I would rather let a week go by than to write about something that is inauthentic to what I am currently feeling or want to share.

I know the marketing folks wouldn’t agree with me, but hey… that’s where I’m at right now. As I was about to close my newsletter window, I realized that this is exactly what I want to share with you today.

If it feels like you’re forcing it, you probably are. 

You can apply this to anything and everything.

Are you forcing yourself to do another pushup when you may risk hurting your shoulder?

Are you forcing a relationship when you know it’s one-sided?

Are you forcing yourself to go to an event when you would rather stay home and cook dinner? 

Part of developing self love is about taking personal responsibility for your own well-being and happiness.

Developing personal integrity is all about following what you believe in your heart.


So, if in your heart you know you’d rather be doing something else, then listen to that.

Honor it.

Most importantly, be honest with yourself.

Life will be so much easier this way and you will be so much happier.

Does that resonate with you? Can you trust the process and let go?

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