How to build self-trust

What is Self Trust?

Self-trust is the belief and knowing that you will always do what’s best for you. It is also the reliance on your ability to figure it out and handle life. Self-trust is having confidence in what you feel and what you need. It’s also having kindness and compassion for yourself, no matter the outcome. It’s the ultimate form of self-devotion and self-love. Self-trust is a lifestyle. It’s a commitment to leading with self-love. “I lead with knowing that I am doing the thing that is most loving for myself.” It’s not about trusting yourself to know all the answers. It’s about believing that you know what you need to be safe, happy, and healthy.

Why Do You Need Self Trust?

Self-trust is the antidote to your anxiety and overthinking. You need it so that you can live a fulfilled and satisfying life. So that you can confidently take chances on yourself. So that you can recover from disappointments sooner. To access your full potential and to allow love in and the right people to find you. No matter what you need, whatever it is that you’re trying to accomplish throughout your journey when you have that self-trust in yourself, it naturally attracts the right people to you.

How Do You Lose Self Trust?

How do we lose self-trust?

  • First things first, neglecting our body. When we neglect our bodies, we’re also neglecting our feelings. We’re also neglecting our needs, which is the same thing as chronic self-abandonment. 
  • Regretting or replaying the past. Worrying about the future. Procrastination and delaying actions. 
  • Lack of self-compassion and self-forgiveness. 
  • And last but not least, not internalizing and receiving love. 

Every time you deflect a compliment, you deflect people saying, “We love you. We’re here for you”, you don’t internalize that. What are you saying? You don’t trust them? But the more dangerous part about this whole thing is, you’ll never build trust in yourself. You’ll never build trust that you’re worthy, that you’re a good person, that you’re lovable, that you’re actually supposed to take up space. You will never trust that you truly belong, that you’re even supposed to be here. You will never trust that about yourself if you don’t internalize it, to begin with.

Invest in Yourself

There could be nothing more that is a literal exercise in trusting yourself than investing in yourself. I mean that not only financially, I mean that with your time. Invest in yourself with your energy. Investing your time with your emotions. Investing your time with your journal. Investing your time with your bed, the food you eat, all of that, and then get in your body. Why? Because you live in it. That’s your forever home, not the roof over your head. You can always sell your house. An earthquake can happen, and your house can fall down. But your body, you live in this forever and ever.

How To Build Self Trust

You cannot build self-trust until you take action. It doesn’t happen in your head; self-trust is a full-body experience. It happens through you showing up. 

  • Follow through on agreements and appointments. Practice making decisions. Be kind to yourself because self-compassion is key. 
  • Set boundaries. With that said, be willing to take risks. 
  • Say nice things to people you don’t know well. 
  • Do the awkward and uncomfortable thing. 
  • Make the first move.
  • Give people credit. What you’re saying is, “When I give people credit, I acknowledge that it doesn’t take away anything from me.”
  • Authentically give love, freely and easily. 
  • Share things you love and care about. 
  • Share yourself and let yourself be seen and take up space. When you take up space, what you’re saying is, “I know my voice matters. I know that I am smart enough, capable enough, worthy enough.”