My Painful “Korean American Wounds”

Growing up, I never felt like I fit in with other Korean Americans.

I never really fit in with the aZn crowd, the “super academic” crowd, or the “fob” crowd.

The one that really hurt the most tho, is the fact that I never felt seen and understood by other Korean Americans.

I grew up in the inner city of Chicago.

My grandma got super into this one church hella out in the burbs and dragged me to all the church-related things until she passed away when I was 8.

My parents decided they should continue attending this church bc of the community and forced me to go through high school.

I hated it. The other Korean American kids rejected me bc I wasn’t like them. They treated me like I was poor and beneath them.

That affected me for a really long time.

This followed me through college. I really wanted to connect with Korean Americans there, too. More rejection.

I could never figure out what it was.

I had other Asian American friends, but always felt rejected by my “own people”.

As a matter of fact, I was always a bit of a black sheep in all phases of my life.

Can you relate?

I’ve done a lot of work to overcome these feelings of rejection. This includes unpacking old stories, building loving relationships with my Asian American clients, and making new Asian American friends as an adult.

The biggest healing I experienced was when I finally visited Seoul, Korea for the first time as an adult.

The Koreans fucking looooove me there, OMG. I’ve never felt so seen in my damn life.

This process made me realize that while my experiences around rejection were totally real as a kid, I have the power to rewrite and heal at any moment.

I’ve never really been one to fit in with the rest of the crowd and I’ve realized that is part of my path. That is my purpose, to pave the way for other creatives, misfits, game changers, and rule-breakers.

If you have ever felt like a black sheep or misunderstood by those around you, you are not alone.

Your people, tribe, community, and like-minded chosen family is out there.

Focus on your self-love work and all is coming.

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