How To Find Meaning and Purpose

What is Purpose and Meaning?

Purpose and meaning are the primary motivations that guide and drive your life and the reason you get up in the morning. It guides your life decisions and where you are going. It is your primary intention behind everything you do, large or small. 

In many cases, we think that we have to get up in the morning because of our job. And then we may think, “Oh, I don’t like my job.” “I’m not living in my purpose.” “This can’t be the reason why I’m getting up in the morning.” But may not realize that purpose and meaning don’t have to just be about these big, grandiose things. Purpose and meaning can be something as day to day as what guides your decisions. It’s your primary intentions behind everything you do. And it doesn’t have to be just about what you do for a living, and you can find meaning and purpose in everything you do.

Why Do We Feel Like We Have No Purpose?

When we do not honor our feelings and needs, we start to feel like we don’t know our purpose. If you can’t honor your feelings and needs, what are you even doing? What are you actually living for then? It’s for everything else and anything else but your own “soul calling” your “desire” and your “bliss”. We are not aware of what we love, so we feel like we don’t have a purpose. When we’re not mindful of what we actually love, that again disconnects us from that heart center, that bliss center, the core that is tethered to a sense of meaning and purpose. So, when we are not aware of what we love, we feel like we don’t have a purpose, which disconnects us from love and makes us feel like we don’t have a purpose.

Stop Compartmentalizing Your Life

There is a sense of purpose when you feel like your life makes sense. The entirety of your life isn’t going to make sense if you have sectioned it off and compartmentalized it. If you are a compartmentalizer, that contributes to you not feeling the full meaning and purpose of life. When you are inconsistent in how you show up in your life’s various facets, that will also create a feeling that disconnects you from your purpose.

What does it look like to compartmentalize?

  • You are poised and professional at work.
  • You’re a “wild child” with your friends.
  • You are emotional and sensitive with your family. 
  • You are very guarded when you’re dating.

When you are living that way, yeah, you’re not going to feel like you’re very purposeful because you’re totally inconsistent. When you are integrated and consistent, when everything is flowing together, that’s when you feel whole. That’s when you feel a sense of meaning and purpose.

How Do I Find My Purpose?

We want to align every single action with your primary intentions. If your primary intention is to feel good, you’ve got to do things that feel good. Learn what you love and access it regularly. When you have organized your life to be able to do the things that you love regularly, that is when you can stay connected to your purpose. Learn what comes easily and naturally to you. Meaning and purpose will find you when you are living in your highest self. Whatever that thing is that you’re looking for, it’s already within you, and you have that capability to attract and draw that into your life naturally. How do you do that? Well, every action has to be in alignment with love.