Want Financial Abundance? Never Say These Two Words About Money

Want financial abundance? Read this.

As a self-employed solo-preneur, it can get prettty stressful at any given time of the year when it comes to financial security. Clients travel, students get sick, and life (sudden bills) happen all the time. But I’m not the only one that has financial worries and stress

People in all kinds of transition – in between jobs, getting ready to start a family…

Even those with a steady income, or a thriving business. Everyone worries about money. I’ve been working with clients around money matters for years and I wanted to share a couple thoughts and tips on the topic since we are in a spendy time of the year.

First, no matter what happens, I always have faith that everything will work out for the best

Second, there are two words I never EVER say, no matter how rough my business is or how worried I am about my bills. Can you guess what it is?

“I’m broke”

I never ever ever ever say these two words. Do you? Have you ever noticed folks who always say “I have no money” or “I’m broke” – are always fucking broke??

Here’s one thing you need to know about money. Money has energy. Money is energy. Energy begets energy so if you keep saying you don’t have enough, you will never have enough. 

Money energy is directly linked to how you value your own self and worth. When you say things like “I’m broke” or “I don’t have enough”, it’s like you are saying that about yourself, your being, your own personal power! You’re not broken! You are enough! 

Even if you are not making as much money as you would like right now or have massive bills, or simply want more abundance in your life, say something different. Start to change the language and energy you create around money. 

Start to believe in yourself, value yourself, and be grateful for what you have and watch your money grow. This is not new age bullshit. This is real. When we turn up our gratitude, faith, self love and self worth game, abundance flows and the world reflects back.

Here are some of my own personal practices and tips:

1: I have a shitload of positive energizing money mantras. 

Some examples are:

  • “There is (always) more where that came from” (my #1 mantra)
  • “I am letting go of my fears around poverty and loss”
  • “my time is valuable”
  • “money flows freely to me”
  • “I am worth it” 
  • I believe in myself

2: Pay yourself first. 

A long-time client and hotshot financial boss lady taught me this many years ago when I asked for her top financial advice. It’s pretty straight forward, right? 

There are many ways to pay yourself first (after you put that money in. your savings), of course 🙂 Some examples are:

  • Setting healthy boundaries in relationships at work and in your personal life and not being afraid to value your own personal time. 
  • Making self-care a priority – such as working out or cooking your own clean organic food versus eating out. It is not about cooking > eating out. It’s all about developing self-love.
  • saying no to social activities when you know you need to catch up on rest and creative “me time”.

3: Focus on non-negotiables and how you want to FEEL 

Instead of nickel and diming every dollar you spend into an obsessive frenzy. The goal is to stay in flow with your money. Remember money is energy and if you align yourself with that energy, achieving a state of financial abundance becomes much more simple.

  • Ask yourself: How would you FEEL if you had enough money or weren’t spending your time worrying about money? i.e. energized, calm, focused.
  • choose a few non-negotiables around how you will ensure these feelings are created every day. Working out, meditating, cooking, seeing friends, etc.

4: Spend and receive money with gratitude.

  • be grateful you have the money to pay your bills.
  • be grateful you have the money to spend.
  • say “thank you” when you receive your direct deposit.
  • say “thank you” when you pay off your bills.

I will wrap this up with one of my fav Wayne Dyer quotes:

“Abundance is not something we acquire. It is something we tune into.”

I hope you will tune in to all the abundance that is in and around you. Start with how you speak to yourself. Practice knowing your worth, and tune in to what is already there. There is plenty. Trust the process <3

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