Change Your Life With A Daily Gratitude Practice

Daily Gratitude Practice

Gratitude is a topic that often comes up only around the Thanksgiving holiday. I’m not mad at it. Though I love that this holiday season brings it to the forefront, a daily gratitude practice is what we should cultivate into our lives.

There are many directions I can go to talk about gratitude. I can talk about why it’s important, why you should practice it, and how it can change your life. I’m an action-oriented person, so I would like to offer you some ways you can practice gratitude as soon as you are done reading this 🙂

When we practice gratitude, it literally changes our mood on the spot. It makes us happier, it brings a breath of positivity in, and the ripple effect can lead to more abundance and open doors. 

Develop a daily gratitude practice by following these 7 steps:


  1. Write 3 things you are grateful for right now and WHY
  2. Send 3 people a text message and tell them why you are grateful for them
  3. Send someone an email to say thank you for being a positive force in your life
  4. Respond to this email and tell me why you’re grateful to hear from me!
  5. Walk over to a neighbor at work and express your appreciation for them
  6. Remember to give eye contact and try to say “thank you” a lot today
  7. Express your appreciation to your family members, even if they make you crazy this weekend.

These are pretty basic and easy ways to practice gratitude, but that’s really all it takes. You don’t have to get super fancy and over the top to reap the benefits of a daily gratitude practice.

Sometimes simple is best! 

I hope you can find some space in your day today to send someone a note. I hope you can find an opportunity to express your appreciation to your family members while you are visiting them this weekend. 


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