Creating A Vision Board That Actually Works

Creating a vision board is much more than a collage-making session. Vision boards work for anyone who is willing to do the work to go through an intentional process of creating their board. 

I believe in the power of meditation and visualization before creating a vision board. If you can see it, you can manifest it. Visualization is one of the most powerful mind exercises you can do. When you are visualizing, you are sending out a powerful frequency into the Universe to draw what you see into your life. 

Beyond the visualization part, knowing how you want to FEEL is the most important thing to connect to. Below is some guidance if you would like to create a vision board.

 Creating  A Vision Board:

  1. Prepare a board big enough to cover with images and words
  2. Prepare magazines, glue, scissors, tape, etc.
  3. Sit down in meditation and get super grounded, calm, and focused.
  4. Let go of all distractions and allow your heart to get open to all possibilities.
  5. Imagine what it’s like to be surrounded by love, notice how it FEELS.
  6. Visualize what you want in the new year.
  7. Connect to what you know you deserve.
  8. Write everything out in your journal, especially how you felt.
  9. Create your board. Look for images that represent the feelings and find the words that resonate with your desires.
  10. Put your board somewhere you can see it every day. Make it your screensaver on your phone or wallpaper background.
  11. Be amazed at how your board comes to life.

To recap: meditate, visualize, reflect, journal, and create. Get super tuned into your senses to increase your vibration. Open your heart to get connected to your highest self and deepest desires. Put in the time, do the work and all is coming 🙂

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