Creating a healthy relationship with money

What is Money?

Money is energy. Period. It’s literally in the word- CURRENCY. It’s not this object that is once you spend it, it’s gone, and it never comes back again. That’s time. That’s not money. And that’s why time is the most valuable asset you have. It’s not money.

Money is simply an expression of energy, and we use it as a tool to support our life. Bringing more money and abundance into our life is a practice. It is something that we master and something that we build a relationship with flowing in and out of.

We all have a relationship with money. The goal is to develop a healthy relationship with money. Identify the dysfunctions that you have around money, and you must change the narratives.

What is Money Baggage?

Money baggage is the accumulation of fear, limiting beliefs, and false narratives around money and abundance. Like any other kind of baggage, it weighs us down, and it holds us back from feeling rich, free, and deserving of more. Money baggage is why we feel like we can’t ask for more money, that we can’t raise our rates, that we can’t spend money, that we’re not allowed to have money, that we’re afraid that if money leaves, it won’t come back.

Money baggage comes from what our parents taught us, what we’ve observed from their behaviors, and the conclusions we have made based on the information we have collected. After all, they are our first teachers, so it’s only natural for you to adopt what they teach you. And a lot of times, without you even realizing it, it almost feels like a betrayal to your own parents if you go against what they’ve taught you. Spending money is an exchange of trust, so when you say, “Mom and Dad, I appreciate what you’ve taught me, but I can take it from here. I trust myself to spend my money the way that I believe that I need to.”

Health is Wealth

Everything goes back to your body. That statement, “Health is Wealth,” there’s a reason for that. There are tons and tons of research out there, and it’s a real thing that wealthy people and health go together. You cannot make money. You cannot be fully tuned in to all of the abundance available to you if you don’t even take care of yourself first and not in a healthy place. Think about it. If money is energy, why would that abundance be attracted to you if you do not treat yourself like you are worthy of that love high vibration in the first place?

You Are Your Greatest Investment

If you don’t invest in yourself, how is the money supposed to be drawn to you? Money grows when you put money into it. To grow your money, you have to put money into the stock or the savings account or whatever. So it’s the same thing. You are that. You are the investment portfolio. Your five layers are your investment portfolio, okay? You have five layers of investment inside of you. You have to invest in that. You have to invest in yourself physically, energetically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually, and in your bliss center.

Time is Your Most Valuable Asset

Time is your most valuable asset. When you truly learn the value of time, you’re will understand that you cannot waste your time doing things that do not serve your personal energetic and emotional and mental and spiritual growth. 

Remember all five layers:

  • Are you spending your time investing in your layers in some way, shape, or form?
  • Or are you spending your time that depletes from those layers? 
  • Are you spending your time investing in your life in some way, shape, or form?
  • Or are you spending your time that depletes your life in some way, shape, or form? 

You’re either adding, or you’re subtracting. So, are you subtracting with your time, or are you adding with your time?

Money Magnet Habits

How can you practice money magnet habits: 

  • Stop buying “things”. 
  • Start investing in your core desired feelings. 
  • Take care of your debts and say thank you every time you pay a debt.
  • Take small steps towards wealth. This is retirement, savings, etc. 
  • Surround yourself with people who aren’t afraid to invest. 
  • Play to win, play to improve, play to expand. That is how you want to show up for life. You choose to be in control of your success. 
  • Practice money, mantras and gratitude. 
  • Purge and take everything you don’t need to Goodwill. 
  • Treat your money with care. Get a nice wallet, fold your cash in nicely, do not crumple, and use your money like rags.
  • You can write your future self a check from yourself. 
  • Create an altar with various forms of currency. 

Keep various forms of currency in your wallet. In my wallet right now, I have pesos, euros, won and dollar bills because it’s a constant reminder of my relationship with money. It’s a constant reminder of where I’m trying to go. It’s a constant reminder of where I want to spend my time, which I have most valuable.