The #1 reason Asian Americans fail to get help.

We, Asian Americans got a *lot* of baggage when it comes to money, even when we are making money!!

I see how growing up with immigrant parents has taken that to the next level.

Scarcity mentality and money mindset issues come from what I like to call “immigrant mentality” or “survival mentality”.

This can show up in many ways:
Playing it safe
People pleasing
Never feeling good enough
Anxiety and procrastination
Refusing to ask for help

Those who are willing to ask for help, i.e. coaching, courses, etc. freak out when they hear the price tag and choose to stay stuck over spending the money. Breaks my heart.

Sound familiar?

Of course, it does. I was raised on that. I know exactly where all that comes from and I want to help.

I want you to overcome your money baggage. I want you to break the cycle.

Abundance is your birthright.

When you overcome scarcity and survival mentality, the world is going to open for you.

Dream job, dream partner, dream lifestyle… this can all be your reality.

First, you have to start be deciding and believing that abundance is your birthright.

Second, you have to start taking action steps towards this belief system.

These are the things I teach in my money workshops for Asian Americans.

Start with the intro course and let me blow your mind 🙂