Asian Americans — 2 reasons why we gotta break the cycle!

My friend Brian, an Asian American dude sent me an email the other day about something he saw on Facebook.

A Filipino-Canadian woman posted a story about finding her mom’s journals after she passed away.

She shared how her mom was hard on her and her siblings, but her mom was clearly harder on herself. \

Her journals were filled with entries about feeling “like a failure” and wishing she was more successful to give her kids a better life.

That hurts my heart so much!
I wish I had all the money in the world so I could produce a mass campaign to help Asian Americans see how we are killing ourselves (emotionally, mentally, and physically) with this self-inflicted pain and pressure.

Brian sent me this email to encourage me to keep reaching out to the Asian American community.

Because we need it so much.

2 reasons why…

Reason 1: We have to break the cycle and change the trajectory of how we show up.

We have to break this cycle of being so hard on ourselves and never feeling good enough.
Working towards goals is beneficial, but expressive pressure and guilt isn’t healthy.
Mental health is a serious problem among Asian American communities.

Koreans have the highest suicide rate in the world… and it doesn’t stop there.
In the state of California alone, Korean-Americans have the highest suicide rate among any other minority group.
I want to be part of changing this narrative.

I want to help make a change in the trajectory of where we are going, even if it’s a tiny ripple. We have to do it together.
We must become mindful and conscious so we don’t pass this shit down another generation.

Reason 2: To live a joyful life that is meaningful and authentic to who we are.

Happiness and abundance is your birthright.
A meaningful life doesn’t have to look like winning the Nobel Prize.
Living authentically and true to who you are is a life fulfilled.

There are so many we can step into our authenticity and create a satisfying life.
It is something that we have to consciously create and practice.

We can be the ripple our Asian American families and communities need. That is a huge accomplishment in itself.

If you want to be part of breaking the cycle, please consider my programs designed for Asian Americans. Apply today to learn more 🙂

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