Money Mindset Training for Asian Americans

February 15, 2020 9am PST

In this 1 hour LIVE training, you’ll learn how to overcome the immigrant-survival and scarcity mentality you inherited as an Asian American & start to open up your world to new possibilities in your life and career.

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 Dear Fellow Asian Americans,

I’ve learned that the #1 reason why Asian Americans fail to help themselves is because of their scarcity mentality and weak money mindset.

This is because most of us were raised with immigrant parents and they instilled “immigrant-survival mentality” in us.

You say you wanna stop holding yourself back. 

You say you wanna take yourself to the next level because you know that there is something more meaningful for you out there.

You say you wanna improve your relationships and communication with your partners.

You say you’re on the verge of burnout and can’t say no. 

But “people-pleasing” always wins and what are even boundaries, amirite?

Yet, when it comes down to it — you can’t take the leap.

Excuse after excuse…

You want to see change so bad, but you’re worried about spending the money cuz you got bills.

If it isn’t that, then you gotta ask your husband.

If you don’t have to ask your husband, then you’re worried about the time commitment.

There is always something that will “get in the way” of making time and spending the money on yourself. 

You gotta break free from this cycle.

It doesn’t serve you.

You deserve more.

Abundance is your birthright.

After realizing how much Asian Americans struggle with their money mindset, I knew what I had to offer next…

I want us to break the cycle and change the trajectory of our future.

We gotta stop holding ourselves back because of fear.

I am offering a live training specifically for Asian Americans to address our scarcity mentality.

I will teach you what we have learned from our parents, why it isn’t working, and how you to tune into abundance.

It is a live training aka this is not a pre-recorded class and I will answer your questions in real-time.

I made this for you and I made it affordable.

Take the first step and let the Universe know you are ready to tune into the abundance that is waiting for you.

Who This is For

✔ Asian Americans who want to transform their lives & feel abundance

✔ Asian Americans who are already successful and desire more fulfillment

✔ Asian Americans who value growth, authenticity, and are okay with a little “woo-woo”

Join Me & Change Your Life

When: February 15th, 2020 – 9:00 AM PST
Where: LIVE Video Conferencing (Link) Provided After Registration)
Who: You & 24 Other Awesome Asian Americans
How Much: Just $50