Abundance is the path to your highest self

Abundance is Your Birthright

Abundance is energy. It’s not something we acquire. It is something that we tune into. You live in an abundant universe. Abundance is your birthright, and lack is merely an illusion.

Lack is an illusion that you have created through your stories, through your mindset, and your belief system. Lack is nothing more than perception and a belief that you feed into.

There is absolutely no shortage of anything. I’ve learned this on so many levels, through my own scarcity, and my own abundance work. Whenever you start to feel scared or worried about money, you need to understand that all of that is nothing more than an illusion.

Money is nothing but energy, currency, and that energy is created out of you.

You Don’t Make Money On Your Own

Your relationship with money and abundance is further expedited and multiplied when you are doing high vibration work with other people. You don’t make money on your own. You need other people to give you money. You need other people to make transactions with; money doesn’t just fall out of the sky. There is no immaculate conception when it comes to money. It requires other people. Imagine what happens when you tap into a whole ass community that is in this energy. Don’t you think that that would naturally make you a money magnet?

Money Does Grow On Trees

To tap into all of the abundance that’s available to you, you need to stay healthy. Money does grow on trees, and what do I mean by that? You are that tree, you are the temple. And so, if you want money to grow on trees, you need to treat yourself like that. Health is 1000% wealth. So, that is why you got to take care of your body. This is non-negotiable. Rich people and health, they go together. That is why Pelotons are a high-end product. Unfortunately, people in poverty aren’t buying Pelotons. Health and money go together. You are the tree of life. So, the first thing you need to ask yourself is, “What makes a healthy tree?”


Everything is an Opportunity For Growth

How can we see everything as an opportunity for exponential growth? When things go “wrong” and when things aren’t working out in “your favor”, then we need to flip the script. One of the questions that you can ask yourself every time things don’t seem to be working out in your favor is: “How can I see this as an opportunity for exponential growth?”

No matter what is happening in your life, there’s more where that came from. Life is so many things. Life is everything from your daily routines to connections with people, relationships, your home, love, learning, all of that. Abundance Mindset is something that we can apply to all aspects of our lives, from all the good things to all the bad things. You can always look at everything with Abundance Mindset, every space you enter into, every thought you have, and every engagement you make. If you see everything as an opportunity for exponential growth, the money will be just a side effect.

Abundance Comes From Trust

Go towards the center of everything. It means that you’ve got to get to the root of your trust issues. It’s everything. Your relationship with abundance is your relationship with trust. Period. We have to get to the root of our trust issues because money is an exchange of trust. “I trust myself, and I trust you to go all in and spend this money and do the damn thing.”

If you are afraid of leaving your job, starting the business, showing up, and being seen, I’m not just talking about money moves here; this is everything. Why don’t you trust yourself? Patience is trust. Trust is showing up, which is also resilience, which is also Abundance Mindset, which is also radical responsibility. It’s just doing the work.

You can’t just patiently wait and trust. You also have to make moves- duality. You patiently wait, and you fucking work your ass off at the same time.


Failure Makes You Successful

Failure makes you successful. Failures, wrong decisions, and mistakes. That is what makes you so fucking successful. The most successful people failed their way to success. The most successful people didn’t just keep climbing up a ladder and just figured it out one time. They didn’t make the one right decision that skyrocketed them into success. Are you crazy? That’s absurd. You really think that every successful person made one right decision, and then it all came together? That’s absurd. Of course not. The thing that makes you highly successful is your ability to learn. It’s abundance mindset. Seeing everything as an opportunity for exponential growth is what makes you grow.


Be Part of the Conversation

You need to be part of the conversation. It all goes together, It’s all part of the abundance. You will not get rich if you don’t start speaking up and having a voice, and putting your value on the table. How are you going to get paid? How will anyone pay you you’re worth when you never even speak up and take up space? Ain’t nobody gonna pay you if you have nothing to say. You might be cute, but if you have nothing to say, you’re replaceable.

So you need to find and share your voice. Stop hiding. Stop fabricating. Stop pretending. Successful people find their voice. Successful people have a voice.

How do you think you’re gonna make money? You have to make a transaction. How do you think you make a transaction? Through communication. Through contracts.Through agreements.  If you don’t know how to speak up, if you don’t know how to use your voice, if you don’t know how to be a part of the conversation, no one’s gonna remember you, and you don’t get to have a seat. Hard truths.


Abundance is a Spiritual Path

You must see abundance as a spiritual path. It’s a path of you accessing your highest self. You have to see abundance as a way of living in your highest vibration, of you, living on your highest purpose. You say, “I want to have more. I want to be more. I want to step into more. I want to be part of expansive energy.” Expansion is a spiritual path. Because otherwise, think about what’s at the bottom of it. The bottom of it is fear and judgment. That’s not you being on your highest path. You being judgmental, jealous, angry, resentful, and fearful, that’s not you being on your spiritual path. That’s a low vibration. That’s a disconnect. Abundance is actually a path to your highest self.