5 signs you’re not present and what to do about it

If you’ve spent any time in any woo-woo spaces, you’ve likely heard the phrase “be present”. Many strive to be present each day but there can be some confusion on what being present even means!

In short- it’s exactly what it says: Being. Present. Existing in the present moment not only physically, but mentally as well. Honing into where you are and not thinking about the 3,000 other things to come next. How do you know if you’re not present? Here are 5 signs you’re not present and what to do about it:

Mental Noise– Your brain is firing a million neurons a second, is cluttered, and not the most fun place to be.

Mindless Eating This can also be over/under-eating. Grabbing for snacks even when you’re not hungry. Or reaching the end of the day and realizing you’ve not eaten all day.

Rabbit Holes- For many this is mindlessly scrolling social media, finding yourself down a Pinterest rabbit hole because you just HAVE to know what sort of craft you’ll make for your friend’s birthday next year.

Anxiety and Feeling Overwhelmed- You find yourself constantly with way too much on your plate, the anxious self-talk kicks in, and it can be hard to focus.

Body Reactions- Breakouts, flare-ups, and health issues- It always appears in the body last. This is your body telling you what’s been going on mentally for a long time.

Failing to be present can affect so many aspects of our lives that we owe it to ourselves to make it a priority.
Mastering being present takes practice and intentionality. It’s not something that happens overnight. Here are a few tips to practice being present.

Building mindfulness -Simply noticing your habits, patterns, and thoughts- How many times did I check my phone mindlessly?

Do one thing at a time– Slow down and forget the myth of multitasking. Focus on one task and give it your all. Then move on to the next.

Meditation and breathwork– These are both great tools that allow us to pump the breaks and gain awareness of our mental and physical state. Be intentional in setting aside time for these.


These are a few small changes that can make a huge difference in how we operate in the world and connect with our bodies. In my free Facebook group, we cover more ways to practice being present. This is a safe community where we mutually work towards our own personal breakthroughs. Be sure to join the group and tap into turning that spark back on within you.


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