12 years in San Francisco, 12 things I Regret?

12 Things I Regret

Monday the 9th was my 12 year anniversary living in San Francisco. 

You probably already know that I love milestones and anniversaries because they always give me a chance to self-reflect and look back on all my progress and growth. 

As I took time to reflect on the past 12 years, I asked myself… is there anything I remorse about my journey here?

The answer?


To be honest, I really don’t regret things. 

I’m pretty serious about the words I use and the energy behind them. 

Regret is a word I make a conscious effort to avoid. 

Instead, I’ll share 12 things I want to practice more as I look towards my next year in SF. 

I hope this inspires you to put more energy into what’s next as well, rather than regretting what could have been. 

  1. Smile at strangers 
  2. Reach out to people I’ve lost touch with
  3. Sleep
  4. Know my worth
  5. Share my stories
  6. Ask people for help
  7. Accept invitations
  8. Send invitations
  9. Walk the city on weekends
  10. Gratitude before bed
  11. Giving where I can
  12. Trusting my path

Does any of that resonate with you?

Do you look back on life and experience regret? 

How can you focus on what’s ahead and put it into practice?


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